Welcome to 50 Centuries’ Cultural Society. An incredible, unforgettable experience awaits you in Bird Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. If the scenery…the adventures…hiking trails…the exhibits… or the archaeological excavations… don’t win you over, the people sure will!

“It’s About Time”

For over 5,000 years the Great Northern Peninsula on the island of Newfoundland has been providing rich resources from the land and sea for diverse groups of people. In Bird Cove, we have unearthed woodworking and hunting tools once used by the Maritime Archaic Indians 4700-3500years ago; gouges, notched and stemmed projectile points, lances and bayonets, bifaces, whetstones, axes, adzes and blades.

Prehistoric occupants of the Bird Cove area came to utilize many natural resources, such as seals, caribou, fish, whales, birds, walrus, and plants. Similarly, Early European cultures, such as the Basque, English, French, and Irish came to the Great Northern Peninsula initially for the fish and whales. Many of these early European peoples would eventually come to settle in this area and learn to call it home. A few historic excavations have been carried out, such as at Meany’s Point, to shed light on lucrative historic finds. As one hikes along the trails and shorelines of the close by Dog Peninsula, it is not unusual to find early European artifacts. There is much work to be done!

Just as prehistoric peoples and our European ancestors depended on the rich local resources of the land and sea, so too, have the people of Bird Cove and surrounding communities. In an ironic twist, because the present day fishing industry is failing the local inhabitants, it is the discovery and promotion of the extinct cultures that is providing a resource on which the community will build its future. The efforts of the Society are community driven, and with the assistance of partners and the concerted cooperation of many local and regional development groups.

About Us

Managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, the non-profit organization depends heavily upon the partnerships it forms with other groups, government departments and agencies.


Our mandate is to create and promote cultural, economic and community development in the Bird Cove area through the support and development of the private sector. Including the research, documentation, preservation, marketing and general development of the region’s cultural history and natural resources.

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